About me

So you've done it! You've stumbled onto my little corner of the blogosphere.  Well welcome my name is Hana and I'm just a 25 year old city girl from New York living near one of the happiest places on earth, Orlando. I never really have a plan for anything so I'm just trying to make my way through life trying to experience as much as I can.

Here on Carpe Hana you'll find things that I like, quotes that inspire me as well as people that inspire me, a few of the places I've gone to, things I've done, and a random thought here and there, songs that I just need to share and so much more. Just basically life...my life here on display for all of you.

Right now I'm just getting my feet wet in the blogging so my blog might look a little bit like a journal at the moment but I promise you it will get better with time trust me. 

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