Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Best friend dates: Art, Mojitos and Tacos!

My best friend, Cathee, and I spent the day together recently and set out to look for places that we have never been before. With us well into the new year already we wanted to experience new places together rather than the same old places that we usually go to together. I always enjoy experiencing new things and to do that with my best friend make it even better. So I have heard that a mall in our town was recently changed and turned into this cool artsy place. Wanting to take a look we set off looking for it and when we got there we were impressed with how everything looked.

The Festival Bay Mall in Orlando turned into the Artegon Marketplace, a place where art takes center stage and a wonderful array of little shops awaits. It was great to see all of these little stores that one would normally find in an outdoor market place find a home amongst some beautiful art pieces, while some of them are also art pieces themselves. 

We also decided to head to try out a new restaurant that neither of us have been to, Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar. This restaurant is exactly what you think it is, a Mexican restaurant with amazing food and an amazing vibe. Our appetizer was fresh guacamole made right at our table with chips and some salsa that we ordered. The tacos that we had was amazing, I had a dish called The Brooklyn (named after my hometown) which was three tacos filled with pork, bacon, chorizo, cilantro, onions, and salsa verde cocida. Like I said it was delicious. We also had mojitos because what's lunch without some mojitos anyway. And since the restaurant was by the lake our view was amazing. 

Because I had a dish called The Brooklyn I couldn't leave without a slice of cheese cake from Junior's, a place that my family would frequent all the time when we lived in New York whenever we craved cheesecake. 

I have to say this first Best Friend Date for the new year turned out great so many new finds that I'm sure the both of us will be visiting together again soon. Be on the look our for more of our best friend dates, or BFD as I'm going to call it now.

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