Monday, November 9, 2015

Food and Wine

I've finally gone and done it, I've gotten an annual pass for Disney. Florida has been my home now for about 13 years now and in all that time getting a Disney pass wasn't on my radar. Mostly because my father worked there and I went in with him, however lately the times I wanted to go to the park my father's passes were blacked out or he was working and I couldn't go. So I bit the bullet and bought a ticket and just in time for me to enjoy the last few weeks of Epcot's food and wine festival.

If you've never been to the food and wine festival at Epcot I suggest you plan a trip and go. Epcot normally has food in each country but during the food and wine they put up little food kiosks for different countries and sell a taste of food from them. It is a delicious affair that will cost you a pretty penny, that is if you want to try everything like myself.

As you're going around the world you can pick up this little "passport" that tells you what there is to eat and drink at the different kiosks. You can even get it stamped by each country that you've eaten at to show that you were there and check off which dish you've tried. I had so many dishes that I didn't get to photograph them all just a few.

Everything was so good that it was hard for me to choose which was my favorite dish. My favorite drinks however were the two that are shown in the picture. The first was a raspberry hard cider that was simply delicious, I go that at the Farm Fresh kiosk, and the second was a Frozen Szarlotka- Apple Pie drink that was out of this world amazing. I got that at the Poland kiosk and everyone that saw kept saying that it looked good and that it tasted just as good. 

There is only one more week for Epcot's Food and Wine Festival so if you are planning on going I suggest you go soon before you miss this year and have to wait till next year.

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