Sunday, August 3, 2014


So rather than showing you another beauty box five unboxing I decided that I would show you one of the subscription boxes that my brother gets. I get more excited when his boxes come then he does because I love the things that he gets inside. He subscribes to Nerdblock ($19.99/mo) and Lootcrate ($19.37/mo) both boxes are great for geeks,nerds and gamers because they are filled with collectibles and apparel and other things. I am more excited for his Lootcrate box than the other one though because each month's box surrounds a different theme and they are always so cool.  Anyway here is his LootCrate for this month.

This month for his LootCrate the theme was Villains. When we both found out that this month was villains we were both excited to see what kind of Joker collectible made it in this box because you can't think of villains and not think of the Joker, well that's what we think anyway because we are such BIG fans of the Joker. My brother was even more excited to see that they included Deadpool in the box because that is his absolute favorite comic book character ever. So the box came with:

Joki T-shirt: This is defiantly something I am going to try and steal from my brother to wear every once in a while because it is so cool. Cool shirts like this are something my brother doesn't let out of his sight so I might not be able to wear it. I do anticipate him getting a lot of compliments on this shirt though whenever he decides to wear it.

The Joker and Harley Quinn Posters: These posters look fantastic I just wish they weren't attached together where we have to cut them ourselves. When my brother saw it he was glad that they had the new Harley Quinn on the poster because he likes this version of her.

Deadpool Socks: These will be something that my brother will be wearing a lot I can guarantee that. Like I said before when he saw that they had included Deadpool he was extremely excited he loves Deadpool. He said once he gets a really good Deadpool shirt he will be wearing the heck out of these socks.

Darth Vader Key Chain: My brother likes Star Wars but not as much as the other guys in the box so even though this is a nice key chain I don't expect to see this very often. 

Bowser Magnet: Super Mario was something that we both loved as kids and he was always a fan of Bowser and the other Mario villians so this was a great thing to find in the box. It's already stuck to our refrigerator and that is where it will stay for a while. 

Necessary Evil DVD: I wasn't sure what this was when I saw it in his box but my brother has already seen this and told me that I needed to watch it because it was really good, and not just because it has the Joker in it. 

Rocket Raccoon Comic: My brother still has this comic in the packaging and that's where I think it's going to stay for a long time. My brother likes reading comics but he likes collecting them even more (it's something he got from our father) so I don't think I'll be hearing about this one anytime soon.

LootCrate Pin: Every month there is a different pin in the box representing the months contents and they are always so cool. My brother is making something that he can display all the pins on in his room. 

My absolute favorite thing about this month's box has to be the drawings on the inside of the box it is so creative and I haven't seen that inside a subscription box before. But then again I am also biased with the Joker being my favorite comic book villain and Batman being my favorite comic book hero so maybe that's why I love it so much. All in all my brother was very pleased with this month's box and he already can't wait to see what next month's LootCrate brings.

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